NMAYF tackles Concussions with new Technology

Announces availability of Baseline testing for best-practice concussion management

NMAYF are committed to the health and safety of our players and has found an accessible and affordable tool to include in our Concussion Management Program. Axon Sports offers an online test that will give you, your doctor and our staff another tool to help evaluate concussions and safely manage return-to-play decisions.

Concussions are at the forefront of sports conversations today. In fact, the CDC reports that one in 10 athletes will suffer a concussion this year.

We will be recommending / requiring every Athlete 10 year of age and older with NMAYF to create an account on axonsports.com and take a Baseline test. The test measures current cognitive performance—or brain function. It’s a snapshot of an individual’s processing speed, working memory, attention, and accuracy. It is not an IQ test and poses no risk to your child. The four online tasks feature playing cards which create a game-like style and are universally understood regardless of language or age. A player’s commitment is limited to eight to 10 minutes of their time and best effort. Results are available immediately.

Axon Sports recommends annual, preseason Baseline testing to account for natural maturation in children. The test results are stored in the Athlete’s account and accessed when and if you need them. In this way your Athlete confidently can move between club and school sports.

Knowing how your child scores on the test before a concussion will help your doctor better gauge when they have recovered from the injury. (The combination of a baseline and after injury test can indicate gaps in cognitive performance. After Injury medical care and tests may be covered through your insurance plan.)

You can learn more about Axon Sports products and services in the web sites Resource Center. If you have any questions, Axon Sports customer service is available via phone (877-399-2966), live chat at axonsports.com, or email customerservice@axonsports.com.

We are excited about this opportunity for our players. We strive to provide the highest level of safety and believe this is another step in the right direction. Despite the increase in awareness, concussions are still difficult to diagnose and determine full recovery. The most common error by coaches, parents and players is to return to practice and competition too soon. This tool can be an important step in protecting the long-term health of your son or daughter.

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