When does the season begin?
Our season can begin the week of July 29th, but some coaches will begin July 22nd. Some coaches may also have “pre-season” practices/camps.

Where do we practice?
All practices are held at the Pepperell Town Field – with the exception of Band Concert evenings – then we practice behind Varnum Brook.

When/how often do we practice?
Each coach is able to set their own practice schedule – We have the field available from 5:30-8:30pm Monday- Friday. The younger teams typically only practice 2-3 times a week and for only 1 1/2-2 hours. The older teams usually practice 4 nights a week for 2 -2 1/2 hours a night.

When are the games played?
Games are typically played on Sundays starting in late August. In the past we have had a few Saturday games. Our home games are coming back to North Middlesex Regional High School. The game schedule will not be available until mid August.

How do I register my child?
There will be a link on the front page of our website for online registration- everyone must register online. Your child must also be fitted for a jersey

How much does it cost?
The registration fee is $150. The jersey fee is $50. The player will keep their jersey at the end of the season.
We also include $25 calendar raffle tickets in our fee.

What does my child need for equipment?
We supply each child with a helmet, shoulder pads, 1 mouth guard and practice/game pants. Your need to supply cleats (no metal cleats) and a practice jersey. Optional equipment – athletic supporter.

What are my Fundraising and volunteer commitments?
Everyone must participate in fundraising. There is a mandatory canvassing day (TBA) and there will be a calendar football raffle. Parents must also spend time volunteering – On game day there are many spots to fill – concessions, 50/50 raffle, MPR’s etc. More information will be available as the games get closer. Each team also needs a team parent – please contact your coach for information on becoming a team parent.